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'Till We Meet Again Acrylic Block w/ Gift Box

'Till We Meet Again Acrylic Block w/ Gift Box

In this captivating black and white image, the powerful silhouette of a whale tail gracefully retreats into the vast expanse of the ocean, leaving a trail of shimmering ripples in its wake. Against the backdrop of the majestic island of Molokai, rising from the horizon with timeless grandeur, the scene is imbued with a sense of profound tranquility and reverence.

The contrast of light and shadow accentuates the sleek contours of the whale's tail, capturing the essence of its elegant movement as it disappears into the depths below. In the distance, the rugged cliffs of Molokai stand sentinel, their weathered faces bearing witness to the timeless dance between land and sea.


4"H x 6" W

Kodak Pro Endura, Glossy Print Paper 

Gift box included 

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