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New Beginnings Acrylic Block w/ Gift Box

New Beginnings Acrylic Block w/ Gift Box

4" H  x 6" W x 0.98" D

Kodak Pro Endura, Glossy Print Paper 

Gift box included 


When you want to make someone's day, a photo in an acrylic block is the perfect gift. At 0,98 in. thick, the high-quality acrylic glass block really lets your image shine with brilliant colors, high contrasts and fascinating depth. The final touch to your special gift is an elegant gift box.

  • Premium Photo Papers

  • Brilliant Colors

  • A Special Gift with Sculptural Feel

  • Freestanding and Stable

  • Long-Lasting Brand-Name Quality

  • NEW: with gift box

Crystal clear acrylic glass for unique 3D effect


The glossy photo paper set behind 0,98 in. thick crystal clear acrylic glass creates a unique 3D effect with impressive depth. While the back is white and opaque, the image remains clearly visible from the front and sides. For the photo print itself, we use the high-quality brand paper Kodak Pro Endura. This allows us to achieve a high level of sharpness and incredible color brilliance for your photograph.

  • 1Kodak Pro Endura photo paper

  • 20,98 in. (25 mm) of glossy acrylic glass

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