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Every Whale Has A Story To Tell

Every Whale Has A Story To Tell

This pod of Humpback Whales was found high in the sky from a helicopter in Maui, Hawaii. It seemed to be a competition pod that was taking a rest. The waters of Maui, in the Au'au Channel act as a mating, birthing, and schooling zone for these North American Humpback Whales. Competition pods are where the males fight for the breeding rights of a female nearby. As the whales move, they breathe, showing footprints where they propulsed themselves by their fluke. The bodies of the whales in this image all show different movements of observation of the whales passing by. It leaves one to wonder what these whales were doing, it makes one wonder what story these whales have to tell. I hope the viewer can get lost in the abstract movement of these whales to curate their own visual story.


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