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Emily McCulliss Remembering Lahaina, Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii

My stomach has dropped more for nerves, emotions, and frustration in the telling hours and days surrounding August 8th. Spontaneous tears, laughter, nightmares, panic, and mental encumbrance have accompanied my latest days. Our family was prevented from traversing through the Island of Maui, back to our home in Lahaina.  We were stuck in Kahului and had network service to watch and listen to what was reported through Kula, Kihei, and Lahaina.  We watched videos, and news coverage, and received texts. Honestly, Instagram has never been so useful.  We had our entire family safe but were watching the tragedy unfold for our island home.  

I placed messages, texts, and phone calls, word of mouth to loved ones I could reach. In the responses of sorrow, disbelief, and the overwhelmingness of the events the responses were filled with love,  compassion, and an ignited relief of a sense of safety, with a resilence of optimism that everything else can be figured out. The air and energy were filled with impatience, frustration, adversity, and horror but it was blanked with empathy, compassion, and solace in safety. 

Our community is facing an extremely long road ahead. My story of August 8th is very different from many loved friends, family, and businesses. I know what my emotions were like, the trauma that we embraced and I want to send love and compassion to my community in a way that I know how in a way that can give power and stability back to those that have lost so much. 

Photography has been a powerful force for me, an ambition that I have for my photography is to make an impact. Please help make a heartfelt impact on my island home by using my photography platform to raise funds to help the backbone of our very special community. I am seeking to propose funds directly for community members, businesses, and school efforts. 

Our 'Ohana in every sense of the meaning needs as much care and nurturing during this unprecedented time.  


I would like to share personal stories about the friends and community members in my direct network but also the perspective of the community efforts being brought. 

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