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Northern India at 14,500 feet on Snow Leopard Expedition 

Emily McCulliss 

I am a versatile global adventure, extreme endeavor, and nature creative. Through the use of aerial, top-side, and underwater mediums,  I emphasize behaviors, colors, movement and patterns. My sub-emphasis is  focused dimensionality in narrative and the theme of obsession.

I am trying to be the best self I can be by evolving myself as a human being and citizen of the world. Photography is a conduit that allows me to explore my past, present, and shape who I become and what legacy I leave behind and the legacies and narratives I can contribute to.

My personal mission is to evolve myself as an engaged, curious human, storyteller, athlete, role model, visionary, and curator. 

My photographic mission is very simple: to inspire better humans. I aim to do this by  showcasing life-defining endeavors established by novel nature and the pursuit of obsession to expand personal narratives for what I call the Human Behavioral Element. I hope I can leave you 'Inspired Today to Change Your Tomorrow'. 


My artistic style is a unique fusion of fine art and photojournalism. I specialize in publishing authentic imagery that seamlessly combines the essence of the moment with a compelling narrative. I firmly believe that by merging stunning visuals with a heartfelt narrative and remaining authentic in addressing profound human questions, I can enable my viewers to engage with the artwork on an abstract level. This interaction encourages a subjective assessment of narrative, understanding how it unfolds, and defining actionable growth. 

A change in thought can lead to a change in action, and subsequently, a change in habit. How can you be a better human? How do you want to show up in your life? What is your personal mission? What do your habits (fitness, diet, mindfulness, spirituality, work ethic, etc etc) do for helping your accomplish the reflection of yourself? How does this self-awareness, alongside your values and the values you uphold, influence the kind of world you aspire to create for future generations? 


I am actively searching for these answers to my personal story, and I do this by making myself uncomfortable, experiencing challenging situations, expanding my mindfulness and overall expanding myself as a citizen of the world. Photography expeditions are my medium. Furthermore I believe that conservation change can be influenced, impactful, and actionable for substantial change by the exploration of this Human Behavioral Element.

If this idea resonates with you, I would love to connect. 

I live in Maui, Hawai'i with my husband, daughter, and two Toy Australian Shepherds.  I am very fortunate to have traveled to all seven continents and continue to develop relationships world-wide for the anniversaries I share in all seven continents. 

In gratitude, your support in acquiring my artistry offerings empowers me to focus where I excel best—in the field. I have numerous ambitious goals in mind, for community involvement, visionary storytelling, conservation efforts, and media offerings.  To make mention of some- I aim to sell enough of my work to aid Maasai community initiatives in Amboseli National Park, such as constructing a bathroom for a local school and promoting awareness, education, and conservation of the Tusker, a genetically distinct African Elephant. The ongoing support from my community enables me to upgrade to more advanced field equipment and locations, facilitating impactful production of imagery and visual storytelling. I express my gratitude for your unwavering support. Join me in Bringing the World Home Today and Finding Inspiration to Change Your Tomorrow

Emily McCulliss Black Rhino Kenya Africa
Emily McCulliss Pe'ahi, Jaws, Maui, Hawaii
Emily McCulliss Eastern Greenland
Emily McCulliss Humpback Whale Swim
Emily McCulliss Baffin Island, Nunavut Canada
Emily McCulliss SuperTusker Elephant, Kenya, Africa
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